There are many video's and tutorials on the Web. Some are excellent while some are not too clever.

Below we present some tutorials that our members feel would be useful to beginners. Most are produced by manufacturers and sellers of art materials so we have included a link to their websites should you wish to investigate further any products you see here. Just click on the video to start it.

Figure Drawing with Leonardo Pereznieto

With this video Leonardo teaches you how to draw a figure from the imagination and the memory. He shows you how to do the basic structure of the boy in a simple and easy way, to draw a realistic person with movement.

earn which basic bones are important to create the physical structure how to apply gesture lines in order to imitate the movement of the body. To draw a figure from the mind you should have a basic knowledge of anatomy in order to mimetic it!

Create a water colour wash

This video shows you how to create a water colour wash with Dermot Cavanagh guiding you through the process.

He shows you how to form a bubble of water along the leading edge. Working quickly ensures you do not end up with a hard line.

Three Basic Rules of Oil Painting

Paul Robinson, resident Winsor & Newton artist, examines the basic rules of Oil Painting. Fat over Lean, thick over thin and slow drying over fast. These need to be observed in order to avoid problems later.


Fluffy Clouds with Tim Gagnon

This preview shows a short demonstration on simple puffy clouds. The technique is to just use an opaque white paint and allow the background to show through in some areas to create shadows. A simple technique that can be mastered after a little practice.

Varnishing Oil Paintings

Varnishes for canvas must be flexible otherwise they will crack over time and spoil the look of the painting. Oil Painter Doug Purdon clearly teaches the proper techniques for Varnishing Oil Paintings.


Art Masking Fluid with Paul Robinson

How to use Windsor & Newton Art Masking Fluid. Paul Robinson, resident Winsor & Newton artist, explains how to use Art Masking Fluid, how Art Masking and Colourless Art Masking Fluid work and how to use them.


Watercolour Materials

From the Ken Bromley Art channel, Dermot Cavanagh gives you advice on choosing the materials needed to paint successful water colours.

Colours in video are: Winsor Yellow, Raw Sienna, Light Red, French Ultramarine, Cerulean Blue, Winsor Blue, Burnt Sienna, Neutral Tint, Alizarian Crimson, Cobalt Turquoise Light, Winsor Red and Winsor Violet.