Our weekly meetings are very informal throughout the year but once a month we have a set subject which members have an option to join in with if they wish.

Programme subject to change if suitable and cost effective Paint-Alongs or Demonstrations can be arranged.

4th April - Demonstration: Elise Hendry (Nee Nimmo)

Pastels or Graphite

Elise came to us last year and was very well received. For this presentation she will do a portrait using either pastels or graphite / pencil.

23rd May - Brusho Workshop

With Joan Hassall.

Your opportunity to try this vibrant medium (with a mind of its own!). Joan Hassall will give some tips and guide us through this unusual material.

20th June - Collage

Collage (from the French: coller, "to glue"; French pronunciation: ​[kɔ.laʒ]) is a technique of an art production, primarily used in the visual arts, where the artwork is made from an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new whole.

A collage may sometimes include magazine and newspaper clippings, ribbons, paint, bits of coloured or handmade papers, portions of other artwork or texts, photographs and other found objects, glued to a piece of paper or canvas.

The origins of collage can be traced back hundreds of years, but this technique made a dramatic reappearance in the early 20th century as an art form of novelty.

In this session you have an opportunity to explore and express yourself in this medium.

11th July - Demonstration: John Harrison

**NOTE** John's visit has been postponed due to health issues but he will be demonstrating for us later in the year.

John visited the group in 2017 and does watercolour line and wash. This time he will do a line and wash presentation for us looking at buildings and cityscapes using his camera and projector system.

22nd August - A Workshop with Joan Glynn

Last years Zentangle workshop with Joan went down a treat but what has she in store for us in 2019? We will have to wait and see!

19th September - Demonstration: Graham Berry

A new demonstrator to us but Graham has hosted many demonstrations in the area including Longton Art Group.

He studied Graphic Design at Blackpool College of Art and later studied Illustration at Wimbledon College of Art, London. After graduating in 1971 Graham was employed as the Illustrator for a small design studio in Soho, London.
 In 1976 he decided to go 'freelance' and went on to have a very successful career as an Illustrator, winning a DADA award for my Illustrations and also featuring in several Association of Illustrators annuals.

24th October - Transport

A paint-along session.

Land, air, sea or even interstellar! If it moves it's transport and fair game. Feel free to join in with this themed paint-along if you desire.

14th November - Christmas Design Project

It's that time of year!.

With 39 days to go the evenings theme is to design a Christmas project. Any method, any medium as long as it reflects the Christmas season.

An opportunity for you to produce artwork as a card for a special friend perhaps?

12th December - Christmas Party Night

Our end of year party (and an excuse for a social get together) as we leave our paints and brushes at home. Enjoy the Jacobs Join yuletide fare and enter a work of art produced during 2019 into the annual L A competition for the John Emmerton Cup competition.