We are a group of local artists aiming to foster the artistic talents of local people and to encourage a general interest in art within a friendly club setting.


What We Do

We provide a weekly friendly forum for members to gather to paint in watercolour and other media and to share their interest and experience. New members are welcome but membership is filling up fast so there may be a waiting list!

Throughout the year we meet to enjoy our art, be it sketching, painting, discussing or exhibiting.

Our two hour meetings are very informal. Most evenings we work on our drawing or painting and discuss styles, techniques, latest trends in the art world and generally catch up on any other art related topic, usually over a cup of tea or coffee at break time.

A few times a year we invite professional and keen amateur artists to come along and give us a demonstration of their work.

Disability is not an issue. We strive to ensure anyone has the opportunity to experience art first hand so our meeting room is wheelchair and disability scooter accessible. We have equipment to assist those with limited movement to paint so it does not matter how you hold your brush, be it in your hand, with your foot or in your mouth! Adults with learning disabilities are also most welcome and carers/support staff come free!

Even if you have never painted before you can still join us. We provide the opportunity for everyone to try their hand at painting regardless of skills and abilities. Some of our members regularly sell their work but don't let that put you off. After all, they had to start somewhere! We are open to all and members are happy to encourage and pass on their skills.

There is no subscription fee. You pay only on the evenings you attend. Not charging an annual subscription still allows those who have to watch their outgoings a little more closely the opportunity to visit and enjoy the group as they feel able to. Some people visit every week, some only once a month, the choice is yours. All we charge is £1.50 per session which includes refreshments.


Exhibiting our Work

Exhibition It is envisaged that we will be holding about six exhibitions a year throughout the Central Lancashire area as well as contributing paintings to exhibitions held by other organisations.

As long as you are a member and a regular visitor to our meetings you can exhibit with us.

There is no selection process for accepting paintings. If you feel your work is good enough to be included then you are welcome to display it. The hanging process in certain exhibitions is out of our hands but when we hang the pictures ourselves no preference is given to quality. All paintings are treated equal.