Yin Yang Bandsaw Box

Details: 175mm diameter x 68mm deep finished in Acrylic lacquer buffed with wax.

Availability: Not for Sale

The project that had been preying on my mind the most was this Bandsaw Box. The remit was a Yin Yang design to fit in with the clients Art Deco style bedroom furnishings. Sycamore and Walnut blanks were sliced up and glued together to produce the initial banding and other trims are inlays made during construction.

After turning it to round the usual band saw method was used to construct the drawers and utilising the remaining section of Walnut and one of the corners cut off the round, I had enough material left over to make the base. Material for the drawer pulls came out of the scrap from one of the drawer cut outs.

This is the first, probably of many, going off the reception from the client that I will be making in this style so your thoughts, ideas and comments are most welcome.

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