Woven Bowl

Details: 210mm diameter x 76mm high.

Not for Sale

Fascinated by the Japanese Kumiko woodworking style I decided to produce a bowl inspired by this discipline when entering Keith Brown's 'Bowl Without a Lathe' challenge. Making this bowl from wood was not an option I was kitted up for in the workshop so I utilised an origami principle developed by Heinz Strobl many years ago.

Paper would not have the properties needed to induce the pressure and stability needed to form and maintain the bowl shape so I opted to use Draughtman's Vellum, a type of plastic (PET) which is coated to accept graphite or ink on the surface. This material is tough, stable, is not effected by moisture and resists mold for decades when stored in damp, dark and dusty vaults.

The hexagonal structure mimics to a great extend a single layer of carbon atoms which, due to the nature of their atomic bonding, forms an extremely strong material. Graphene for example.

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