Terry's Bowl

Details: 160mm diameter x 84mm high sealed and buffed with wax.

Availability: Not for Sale

As far as segmented turning goes this bowl is nothing to write home about but when you know the story behind it's inception you will understand why it just had to be made.

The bowl is made from the very last piece of hardwood from Joan's late husbands workshop. Terry, a joiner and hobby furniture maker passed away 35 years ago but left a legacy of beautiful furniture filling their home that reminds Joan his wife of him every day (they were soulmates). She gave me an offcut of hardwood thinking it may be of some use to me but when I heard her story of her love and loss I had to make something from it for her 88th birthday so it could be a present from me but more importantly a valentine gift from her soulmate Terry.

The video of the full story is available to watch on the 8x6 YouTube channel (Use the 'Project Video's' option). I was overjoyed to be able to express such a heartwarming story in the sea of depressive news we seem to be immersed in today.

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